Rebecca Parrish
Natural and Biological Hazards
PhD Research

Impacts of Climate Change induced displacement on Health and Social Indicators: a case study in sub-Saharan Africa

Climate change is undoubtedly one of the great challenges facing the twenty-first century. It presents a multitude of both direct and indirect risks to human wellbeing. Direct impacts include health and social upheaval whilst indirect changes include changes to crop yield and migration. However, the interrelatedness of climate change, migration and health is highly complex, poorly understood and very difficult to quantify. Further complexities include the local modularity of the socioeconomic, health and environmental determinants of the migration and its impacts. This project aims to provide improved understanding of the impacts of climate drivers on population displacements and on health and social indicators. The study shall be conducted at both a high level, global scale and at the local level, with Malawi selected as the case study site. The key objectives of the study will be to: understand the key drivers of displacement and of population health, via systematic review; identification of key health and social indicators via epidemiological study and, development of a toolkit to allow improved identification and quantification of these indicators. Application of such work could be directly related to supporting policy interventions for healthcare and resource planning.
Ariana Zeka
Tim Colbourn
Physics with Musical Performance
Imperial College London & Royal College of Music
Environmental Technology
Imperial College London
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Senior Risk Consultant
Ernst & Young
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