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To submit a project to the London NERC DTP, please complete the online form. Please read our submission guidelines carefully before completing the form.

Exemplar projects

Staff of the DTP Partner organisations are encouraged to add exemplar projects on the DTP web site. All projects listed are exemplars of what is on offer, including potential supervisors and CASE partners – students are strongly encouraged to meet with potential supervisors to discuss and develop their own project ideas.

Supervisor Eligibility

  • The primary supervisor must be a member of staff at one of the DTP partner departments, and ideally will have have completed their 3-year probation
  • The primary supervisor must have a current contract which exceeds the length of the PhD studentship
  • A member of staff may submit a maximum of 3 projects as primary supervisor
  • If a member of staff becomes a primary supervisor to a DTP student in one academic year then they cannot be primary supervisor the next academic year.

  • There is no limit to the number of students for whom a member of staff can act as second supervisor.

For more information about eligibility and the rules for listing exemplar projects on the website, please read our full project submission guidelines.

Project Verification
To ensure that proposals are of the very highest quality and conform to the NERC remit each proposal will be checked and verified by the local co-ordinator (see Management Board) or in the case of UCL staff, their relevant Head of Department.

An on-line form is available for staff to submit their project and we ask that you include the name of the nominated approver at your institution, either the local co-ordinator or HoD, so that we can send the forms to them for verification. Without this vital quality control step, we will be unable to upload the project.

The existing set of exemplar projects will be carried over each year unless supervisors tell us otherwise. Supervisors are welcome to send in any minor revisions to their existing projects at anytime. Alternatively, supervisors may wish to submit entirely new projects and have their existing project taken down. We expect that the list of exemplar projects will also grow each year, providing DTP students with even more choice.

The form will ask you to enter the name of the approver for your institution, this is typically your head of department. Once they approve the project they will send it to the DTM Administrative team who will post it on the website. We aim to post projects up as quickly as possible, but depending on the time of year, this can take a couple of weeks. Do get in touch with the admin team directly if your project is not showing after this time.

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