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Our training programme is set within a multidisciplinary environment. All Partners are dedicated to developing a multi-, cross- and pan-disciplinary London centre of environmental science doctoral training.

We recognise the need to develop student skills in new subjects and linking research areas between traditional subjects. Each Partner has submitted a selection of PhD projects falling within each research theme.

Below is the list of the exemplar projects available. Students are also invited to develop their own bespoke projects. Click on a column header to sort the table, or use the ‘advanced search’ to search for projects on a particular topic, in a particular research theme, or at a particular institution.

1st Supervisor Inst. Project Title Theme 2nd Supervisor Inst.
Green, David KCL Measurements of vehicle emissions in London Environmental Pollution Smith, Steven RHUL
Grindrod, Peter BBK Monitoring active landslide processes and hazards using unmanned aerial vehicles Natural & Biological Hazards Mitchell, Tom UCL
Henderson, Lesley BRUNEL Public Perceptions of Plastics – From Pollution to Solutions Environmental Pollution Jobling, Susan BRUNEL
Hennig, Christian UCL Delimitation of species based on network data Biodiversity & Ecology Vogler, Alfried Imperial College London
Henry, Lee QMUL The role of symbiosis in the adaptation and diversification of insects Evolution & Adaptation
Hernandez Molina, Francisco J. RHUL Tracing the Mediterranean Outflow Water around Iberia since the Miocene: oceanographic, sedimentary & climatic implications Past Life & Environments Ercilla, Gemma CMIMA-CSIC (Barcelona, Spain)
Hier-Majumder, Saswata RHUL Microgeodynamic modeling of partially molten rocks Solid Earth Dynamics
Hier-Majumder, Saswata RHUL Thermochemical anomalies in the Earth’s lowermost mantle Solid Earth Dynamics Lithgow-Bertelloni, Carolina UCL
Holmes, Jonathan UCL Lacustrine oxygen-isotopes as tracers of NW European climate change over the past few centuries Past Life & Environments Candy, Ian RHUL
Hurd, Paul QMUL The Honey Bee: An Emerging Model Organism for Epigenetics. Pan-disciplinary Lowe, Rob QMUL
Jansen, Vincent RHUL The effects of stress on functioning and dynamics of bee colonies Biodiversity & Ecology Brown, Mark RHUL
Johnson, Edward UCL Transient loading of structures under impact of finite-amplitude waves Natural & Biological Hazards Eames, Ian UCL
Jones, Vivienne UCL Does connectivity affect the resilience of aquatic ecosystems ? Biodiversity & Ecology Bennion, Helen UCL
Jones, Adrian UCL Reassessing the volcanic hazard of unusual lavas in the East African rift. Natural & Biological Hazards Kilburn, Chris UCL
Jones, Vivienne UCL Setting restoration targets to halt the decline of the world’s rarest bird Biodiversity & Ecology Brooks, Steve NHM
Jones, Kate UCL “Sound and light” – a sustainable sensory landscape for humans and nature Pan-disciplinary Hacklay, Muki UCL
Jones, Vivienne UCL Miscrospatial Analysis of Terrestial Environments for Algae Pan-disciplinary Morgan, Ruth UCL
Kanda, Rakesh BRUNEL Drugs of abuse – A study of the environmental fate and treatment of illicit drugs Environmental Pollution Barron, Leon KCL
Kanda, Rakesh BRUNEL A study of the environmental occurrence and impact of Herbal Medicines Environmental Pollution Jobling, Susan BRUNEL
Kelman, Ilan UCL Climate change impacts on tropical atoll communities Natural & Biological Hazards
Kershaw, Stephen BRUNEL Using fossil corals and calcified sponges to understand ancient marine environments Past Life & Environments
King, Martin RHUL Does black cabon and humic material in snow and ice decay? Environmental Pollution
King, Martin RHUL Oxidation of cell membranes by environmental oxidants – chemical kinetics and mechanistic information Environmental Pollution Thompson, Katherine BBK
Koricheva, Julia RHUL Forest diversity effects on wood ants Biodiversity & Ecology Eggleton, Paul NHM
Koricheva, Julia RHUL Comparing effects of tree species and genetic diversity on ecosystem functioning and services Biodiversity & Ecology
Kortenkamp, Andreas BRUNEL Emerging pollutants in fish – Developing rational approaches for prioritisation from the perspective of mixture toxicology Environmental Pollution Kanda, Rakesh BRUNEL
Kosmidis, Ioannis UCL Statistical assessment and prediction of damage from post-earthquake damage surveys Natural & Biological Hazards Rossetto, Tiziana UCL
Kratina, Pavel QMUL Mechanistic understanding of ecosystem stability in response to climate warming and biodiversity loss Biodiversity & Ecology
Kratina, Pavel QMUL The Functional Diversity of Aquatic Communities Along Gradients of Environmental Change Biodiversity & Ecology Rossberg, Axel QMUL
Lane, Nick UCL The origin of life in alkaline hydrothermal vents Biodiversity & Ecology Ward, John UCL
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