PhD Projects

Our training programme is set within a multidisciplinary environment. All Partners are dedicated to developing a multi-, cross- and pan-disciplinary London centre of environmental science doctoral training.

We recognise the need to develop student skills in new subjects and linking research areas between traditional subjects. Each Partner has submitted a selection of PhD projects falling within each research theme.

Below is the list of all the projects available.

wdt_ID1st SupervisorInst.Project TitleTheme2nd SupervisorInst.
wdt_ID1st SupervisorInst.Project TitleTheme2nd SupervisorInst.
255 Chadwick, Michael KCL Managing ecosystem services trade-offs between diverse socio-ecological systems in coastal Bangladesh Pan-disciplinary Adams, Helen KCL
3 Alexander, David UCL Evaluating earthquake information in the light of public needs Pan-disciplinary Kelman, Ilan UCL
4 Alexander, David UCL Variations in earthquake preparedness and risk estimation Natural & Biological Hazards Goodwin, Robin BRUNEL
5 Aruliah, Anasuya UCL How does solar variability affect the production of HO2 and Nox and the tidal drivers of the upper atmosphere? Natural & Biological Hazards
6 Axmacher, Jan UCL Nocturnal pollinators in agro-ecosystems Biodiversity & Ecology
7 Baas, Andreas KCL Soil Erosion by Wind and Land-Use Decisions by Farmers Explored with Agent Based Modelling Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Millington, James KCL
8 Balloux, Francois UCL Can host phenotypic plasticity facilitate survival when environmental change and disease cause amphibian declines? Natural & Biological Hazards Garner, Trent ZSL
9 Barnes, Ian NHM Saiga antelope: assessing ecological resilience in a critically endangered mammal Biodiversity & Ecology Schreve, Danielle RHUL
10 Bass, David NHM Developing the eDNA toolkit to meet policy challenges Evolution & Adaptation Brown, Mark RHUL
11 Baynes, Alice BRUNEL Pharmaceuticals in the Environment - Investigating the effects of anti-depressants in aquatic molluscs Environmental Pollution Jobling, Susan BRUNEL

Applications are CLOSED.

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