How to Apply

Key Dates:

Applications Open:
November 2015


Please note: both references must be received by this date for your application to be considered.


Interviews will be held in London.

If you wish to be considered for one of the studentships offered by the London NERC DTP, please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria:


All of our studentships are open to students who qualify for NERC awards. Eligibility criteria can be found in the RCUK handbook (pages 11-12). Please ensure you meet the eligibility and residency criteria before you make an application.  These studentships will be funded by NERC and are available to UK nationals and other EU nationals that have resided in the UK for three years prior to commencing the studentship.

In addition, a number of fully funded studentships are available for EU students on an equal financial basis to the NERC student awards.

Applications are to be made to the DTP not a specific project thus only one application per applicant is required.  You can state on the form which theme you are interested in but the programme is designed to introduce all successful applicants to a range of areas covering all themes.  This is designed to inform the write up and area of your subsequent research proposal completed in Term 2. See Programme Structure for more information.

Step 1

Please complete the online application form.

Your application cannot receive consideration until you provide all supporting documents, as follows:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)/resumé which shows a high level of academic achievement and appropriate non-academic experience.
  • Cover Letter: Identify your research interests and explain why it you are interested in this programme, if you have any projects in mind and explain how your current qualifications and skills map onto the requirements for this DTP.
  • English Language. Generally, if you are from an EU country other than the UK, and wish to be considered you do need to meet UCL’s English Language requirements.
  • Academic References. Before we can give full consideration to your application, we will need to receive two academic references. These can be submitted online by each of your referees using an online form found herePlease ensure that you contact your referees and let them know that they will need to do this by the application deadline: 11th January 2015. If we do not receive both references within this deadline your application will not be considered by the committee.

Step 2

Interview. We will call the strongest applicants for interview. Interviews will be held in London at the beginning on February 2015. There will be an interview panel consisting of 3/4 members of the DTP consortium.  We seek to make offers to students who have the best qualifications and who perform best at interview.

Step 3

We will first make offers shortly after interview. Deadline for all applicants to decide whether or not to accept offers is 14th March 2015.  If you accept an informal offer you need do nothing further.  If you decide yo turn the offer down your place will be offered to a candidate on the reserve list.

Once accepted, we will then make a recommendation for your acceptance for PhD study to the university where you will need to complete a UCL application form a formal offer letter will be sent and you will become a registered PhD student.

Applications are now closed.

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