Governing Council

THE NERC DTP Governing Council has the role of the overseeing body and includes Vice-Provosts/Principals of Research (or equivalent) from each Partner Institution, a NERC representative, two representatives from our Case Partners, and ex-officio the Director and the Administrative Manager. The Council meets biannually and considers strategic direction, additional funding, summaries of studentship allocations, student feedback and the Partnership’s activities.


Chair & Core Team

Professor David Price (Pro-Vice Provost Research, UCL)

Mark Maslin (Director, NERC DTP, UCL)

Kevin Fowler (Deputy Director, NERC DTP, UCL)

Governing Council Members 

(in alphabetical order)

Jane Burston (Head of the Centre for Carbon Measurement at National Physical Laboratory)

Stephen Emmott (Miscrosoft Research)

Paul Hogg (Vice Principal and Dean of Science, Royal Holloway)

Ken Norris (Director of Science, Institute of Zoology)

Vicky Norton (Senior Science Programme Officer, NERC)

Karen O’Brien (Vice-Principal Education, King’s College)

Ian Owens (Director of Science, Natural History Museum)

Geoff Rodgers (Pro Vice Chancellor Research, Brunel)

Bill Spence (Vice Principal for Research, Queen Mary)

Li Wei (Pro-Vice Master, Birkbeck College)

Kathy Willis (Director of Science, Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens)

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