DTP Students Present at ZSL Conference

Second year DTP students Fiona Spooner, Agnese Marino, Paul Barnes and Sally Faulkner will be presenting their PhD projects at the ZSL 2016 Student Conference today in London.

Covering a diverse range of topics, Fiona will be discussing her work exploring the effect of recent environmental change on vertebrate population trends; Agnese will be talking about coexistence with wild carnivores in Spain, Paul will explain his research on cultural change and political ecology of Attenborough’s Echidna in the Cyclops Mountains in Indonesia; and, ending the day’s talks, Sally will present a year in the life of her PhD on geographic profiling.

Images by @ZSLScienceZSLScience_Cg-aFAaWkAAauqp


Images by @ZSLScience

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