The focus of this theme is to build pan-disciplinary PhD projects between the five other research pathways with the aim of breaking down traditional academia silo thinking and to create new exciting cross cutting synergies within the NERC remit.

The pathway will also include the interfaces between the environmental sciences and the remits of other Research Councils; including bioinformatics, economics, engineering, law, mathematics, medicine and social science.

It is within this theme that the contribution of environmental science to fundamental societal questions can be addressed: global health and population, water and food security, energy supply and security, ecosystem services, natural resource management, environmental governance and security, sustainable development, and urban development.

Exemplar Projects:

1st Supervisor Inst.: Project Title: 2nd Supervisor: Inst.:
Leitch, Andrew QMUL Synthesising Knowledge on the Genetic Variation of the UK Woody Flora Fay, Mike KEW
Chadwick, Michael KCL Managing ecosystem services trade-offs between diverse socio-ecological systems in coastal Bangladesh Adams, Helen KCL
Alexander, David UCL Evaluating earthquake information in the light of public needs Kelman, Ilan UCL
Brooks, Andrew KCL Food Security and Vulnerability to ENSO in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea Smith, Thomas KCL
Hurd, Paul QMUL The Honey Bee: An Emerging Model Organism for Epigenetics. Lowe, Rob QMUL
Jones, Kate UCL “Sound and light” – a sustainable sensory landscape for humans and nature Hacklay, Muki UCL

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