Environmental Pollution

This theme focuses on understanding the distribution and fate, concentration and behaviour of pollutants, as well as understanding and mitigating the hazards and risks posed by pollutants to human health and wildlife.

Understanding environmental pollution is essential for human and ecosystem. Both short and long-term non-biological pollutants will be the focus of this pathway including greenhouse gases causing climate change and pharmaceuticals in the aquatic and terrestrial environments.

The DTP contains world renowned experts in: particulate air pollution, aerosol chemistry and cloud formation, greenhouse gases, acid rain, surface and ground water pollution, marine pollution, soil pollution, contaminated sites and waste disposal, heavy metal and toxicity and transport, pesticides and pharmaceutical contamination, endocrine disruptors and mixtures toxicology.

Exemplar Projects:

1st Supervisor Inst.: Project Title: 2nd Supervisor: Inst.:
Scrimshaw, Mark BRUNEL Chemicals in the home: assessment of the challenge for wastewater treatment
Rose, Neil UCL The response of trace metal contaminant burden in aquatic biota to atmospheric emission reductions
Trimmer, Mark QMUL A new dynamic for phosphorus in the global nitrogen cycle
Kanda, Rakesh BRUNEL Drugs of abuse – A study of the environmental fate and treatment of illicit drugs Barron, Leon KCL
Muller, Wolfgang RHUL Human nails and teeth as time-resolved archives of heavy me-tal(loid) exposure via laser-ablation mass spectrometry (LA-ICPMS) Harrington, Chris Supra-Regional-Assay Service
Routledge, Edwin BRUNEL Prevalence and Ecotoxicological Risk of Retinoids in the Environment Kanda, Rakesh BRUNEL

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