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We have three NERC-funded Industrial PhD Studentships on offer to begin in September 2017. For more information, click here.

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PhD Training in the Natural Sciences

The London NERC DTP currently funds 104 PhD students in the natural sciences.

Our aim is to attain new standards of excellence in environmental science research training, and deliver a transformative inter-disciplinary experience for PhD students in the heart of London.

Our students are trained at 9 of the World-leading research centres, which cover a huge range of environmental science research, from those driven by contemporary environmental challenges to those exploring complex questions about the evolution of planet Earth.

Please view the themes and associated PhD projects. If you are interested in applying please click here.

Blog »

Un – Belize – able: botanical autopsia and local knowledge

“Hello plant”
Take a step back, look.
“What do you look like?” “What’s your texture? What’s the colour of your bark?”
OK, so I’m asking a plant questions. Perhaps worse, I’m asking a plant questions in my own head. Apparently that’s what a two-week NERC Advanced Training Short Course (ATSC) from RBG Edinburgh does to you. During this training, I expected to gain knowledge about different tropical plant families. What I did not expect was to gain a fairly individual set of personal skills to identify plants. What surprised me even more was that I gained insight into a much less tangible aspect of my PhD research.

Student Impact »

Cohort 3 Student Seminar Series

Cohort 3 students have organised a monthly seminar series giving the opportunity for three students to present 15 minute talks on their subject of choice. Students can volunteer to present their work, and each event includes one biotic talk, one abiotic talk, and one ‘wildcard’.

Applications are CLOSED.

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