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PhD Training in the Natural Sciences

The London NERC DTP currently funds 104 PhD students in the natural sciences.

Our aim is to attain new standards of excellence in environmental science research training, and deliver a transformative inter-disciplinary experience for PhD students in the heart of London.

Our students are trained at 9 of the World-leading research centres, which cover a huge range of environmental science research, from those driven by contemporary environmental challenges to those exploring complex questions about the evolution of planet Earth.

Please view the themes and associated PhD projects. If you are interested in applying please click here.

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Are Hordes of Mushroom Fanatics Wrecking British Woodland?

Every autumn the tabloids churn out their stories on how our native forests are being decimated by vanloads of fungal thieves. The Guardian, often championed as one of the papers that avoids employing scare tactics, regurgitates the same article year after year. The eradication of fungi from our green spaces would certainly be a crying shame, but do heavy picking pressures actually drive declines in the abundance of our favourite species?

Student Impact »

Whales: Beneath the surface @ Natural History Museum Lates

Join Ellen Coombs and other whale biologists for an evening at the Natural History Museum. As part of their Museum Lates series, Ellen will present spectacular specimens from the collections, including part of a whale foetus, a narwhal replica tusk and a sperm whale’s tooth, and will reveal incredible cetacean feeding and communication strategies. The event is free to attend.

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