Welcome to the London NERC DTP Website. Our second year cohort is about to start and soon we will be advertising for next year’s studentships. Applications are expected to open sometime in November 2015. Please sign up to receive updates as we post them.

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Welcome to the London NERC DTP


The London NERC DTP has offered 35 fully funded PhD studentships this year. We will have further studentships on offer next academic year.

Our aim is to attain new standards of excellence in environmental science research training and deliver a transformative inter-disciplinary experience for PhD students in the heart of London.

Our students will be trained by 9 of the world leading research centres, which cover a huge range of the environmental sciences from those driven by contemporary environmental challenges to those exploring complex questions about the evolution of planet Earth.

Please view the themes and associated PhD projects if you are interested in applying please go to the Apply section on this site.

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Nature in Cities: should we care?

Predictions of future cities that incorporate biodiversity. Source:   Zmescience

When most people think of ‘natural spaces’ they envision the wide-open countryside, elephants roaming around Africa, or maybe somewhere deep in the heart of the Amazon. But what about the nature right under our noses? Most people in the UK live in urban areas leaving a growing estrangement between society and the natural world. Yet if you look hard enough, biodiversity can be found all around cities.

Applications are now closed.

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